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ADHD infomercials for Medice

The Medice Health Family was on a mission: to dispel the pervasive myths surrounding ADHD for both those diagnosed and the general populace. Recognizing animation's unparalleled ability to engage audiences and convey complex narratives, they came to us to help them achieve their mission.


Our task? Craft videos for diverse platforms – social media, conferences, and educational resources for healthcare professionals – with a clear, concise message devoid of information overload,

The challenge with creating content for such different platforms and audiences, lies in weaving all that information together seamlessly while also making sure each piece could stand tall on its own.
This meant our script had to be modular, and chapters needed to be exchangeable for the larger part. 

After diving into piles of research, we came up with scripts, storyboards and animatics that we mixed and matched together in different ways to determine the most effective approach. 

sketch adolescent_01.png

Character development

Medice gave us free rein to get creative, so we tried out all sorts of styles and techniques – 3D, 2D, characters, typography, shapes, colors, you name it. We aimed for visuals that mirrored the diversity of ADHD itself. This was also the first chance using the full capability of our studio, creating from concept to final delivery, mixing different styles and techniques.

Style frames 

line-up all_00000.png
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